Our Heroes

My Hero 

My Hero ist Walt Disney, because  he invented Micky Mouse. Micky Mouse was the first cartoon with sound. Walt Disney invented Micky Mouse 1928.  Walt Disney was born on the 5th December 1901 and he was die on 15th 1966.

Aaron, 11 Jahre

My hero

My hero is Ada Lovelace 

Ada Lovelace was a british mathematician. She was the daughter from the poet Lord Byron. She worked with Charles Bagage on a machine that (unbeknownst to them) contributed to the idea of the first computer. In many books Ada is not mentioned at all, although she actually made the almost most important part.

Ada, 11 Jahre

My Hero

My Hero is Robert Marc Lehman. He is a water biologist. His motto  

is: „The world is worth to be fighting for!“ He has written a book.

The title of the book is: „Mission world“. He search over Andy, under water and nature. He love orcas ,orang-utans and sharks!

Arjuna, 10 Jahre

My Hero

My heroes are Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. They have saved an innocent from hanging. 

I will be Huckleberry Finn for Carnival. 

Elia, 9 Jahre

My Hero 

My Hero is Albert Einstein, because  he was very cool and very smart. He comes from Switzerland. He was born on the 14th march 1879 in Ulm and he was die on the 18th april 1955. My favourite quotation of him ispastedGraphic.png:,,Die besten Dingen im Leben sind nicht die, die man sich für Geld kaufen kann.“ He was a very nice person.

Fiete, 11 Jahre

My Hero

My Hero ist my mother. She swims very well. And she make the second best food of the world. My mother is very tall. And my mother is very clever.

Hugo, 11 Jahre

My Hero

My hero is my dog. Whenever I come from school, she greets me kindly. It’s just great to have her. I can tell her everything and she always takes care of me. Spending time with her is great, we survived a lot of bad time. She is perfect. 

Merle, 11 Jahre


My hero is my father. My father is very funny and the best father in the world. He is clever and bravely rescues me and my family in risky situations.

Ole, 10 Jahre

My  Hero 

My hero is my brother. My brother is very kind. I like my brother, because my brother played every day with me when I was a baby. My brother is every day so happy, nice and funny. 

Pia, 11 Jahre

My hero 

My hero is the Raccoon. The Raccoon is a figure of a movie. He lives in a spaceship. He is very aggressive. His best friend is Groot. 

Hannes, 11 Jahre

eingesammelt von Ada und Fiete, 11 Jahre

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